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Natural Methods vs. Rx Medication

Our bodies are being bombarded by all kinds of chemicals daily in our environment that effect our health, below are a few hand picked links that will be helpful to many readers.  (Please use the back button to return to the Baby Boomer Time website.)

MS, Multiple Sclerosis Breakthroughs that can help millions of MS sufferers and their families NOW.  You will learn ways that cured Multiple Sclerosis patients and brought them back from having to use canes and wheelchairs to being active in sports and everyday normal activities.  The body is designed to cure itself - provided it has what it needs to do the job!

The easy and practical Acid Alkaline balance diet that will work for men and women.  This is a nutritional approach to solving many health problems and getting the bodies PH level to a healthy level.  This can give you more energy, strength and let you maintain a healthy weight, all in a user-friendly simple to understand and easy to implement diet plan.

Fat Diminisher melts away fat without any pills or extra exercise at any age.  Get rid of toxins, sleep better, lower high blood pressure, reduce aging,  look and feel younger, have more energy and live longer by adding specific herbs and minerals to your diet and changing your metabolism to get yourself to optimal health in just weeks.

57 Year old man reverses diabetes by doing .....It's left top scientists scratching their heads in amazement...They are calling it the biggest diabetes breakthrough in the last 100 years...This weird "60-second a day" trick is reversing type II diabetes for thousands worldwide.  Trial users of this trick report an INCREDIBLE 100% success rate.  And the doctor responsible is finally releasing it to the public

All is explained to you by the doctor himself in this shocking free presentation that the diabetes pharmaceutical companies are desperate to keep you from seeing. In the following video presented by this leading diabetes doctor you'll discover:

  • The truth about your diabetes medications - and how they are INCAPABLE of making you better.
  • His little known 60 second a day trick that REVERSES type II diabetes within weeks.
  • And how you can take advantage of this 60-second trick, right now from your own home, and without spending a penny.

Whether you or a loved one has diabetes, or even if you know someone who does - you simply must see this video before it's taken down. They are fighting tooth and nail to make sure you never see this in your lifetime. Click here to watch the video and discover how to reverse diabetes. Millions of people have type II diabetes and most can probably extend their lives and reverse their diabetes with this information.

Hair loss in both women and men can now be cured and your hair can grow back in thicker and fuller than ever naturally with just 3-5 minutes a day.  You owe it to yourself to take a look and see what can happen in about 2-3 weeks time, hair growing in where previously bald spots or thinning hair was.  No drugs or chemicals and no side affects.

High blood pressure medication is part of millions of men's and women's daily regiment and many know we need to keep our blood pressure under control but want to avoid the side affects of the medicine.  Now there is hope of managing our blood pressure without the side affects and cost of the medication.  Again with foods and supplements most people should be able to have normal blood pressure, complete details on what to eat and what supplements to take and how much are in Blood Pressure Protocol.

Do you have foot pain?  Cure your Plantar Fasciitis pain in less than a week in about 5 minutes a day.  Pain when you step down, when you walk, when you run or pain on your heel or the arch and ball of the foot is usually caused by the plantar fasciitis and can cost hundreds in special shoes and doctor visits.  Get fast results and no more foot pain by using the step by step guide in the Plantar Fasciitis Cure.

Survival in America

Blackout in the USA could bring down our entire country without even firing a shot.  An Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could take out our entire power grid and leave the country without power for several month, maybe years.  It would basically break all of our electronic devices including our cars and trucks, no refrigeration, no communication devices (phones, TVs, computers) and you can't travel.  The grocery stores are out of food, the water and sanitation department don't work and after a week at most everyone is out of food.  How do you survive, learn how in the Blackout USA manual.


Reputation Software that can save your business from being destroyed.  That is a strong statement but it is true, this simple to use software can alert you when someone gives your company a bad review online or on most any social media in Real-Time.  Example someone has a bad experience with your business and tweets to their several thousand followers that they would never shop there again.  You get notified immediately and can respond back to your customer and get the problem fixed, then you now have a happy customer and they re-tweet that everything has changed and they will be a customer for life.  Without it you would not have found out about it for maybe weeks, if ever and would have lost many sales.  This software can also be used to get leads, all in real-time.

Train Your Brain to Create Miracles

Learn how you can actually rewire your brain to enhance your daily life greatly.  Get a free report from a Harvard trained specialist, how test groups have been able to make large positive improvements in their lives with only a very few minutes a day. Click here, for your free report.

Over- unity Electricity Disclosure

For viewers of several You Tube channels, there are many people making devices to generate electricity where they are able to get more usable energy out than it takes to run the device.  This is a form of energy that is known as Over-unity and is basically not suppose to be able to happen, but there are several experimenters  on You Tube who are showing that it does work.  Some are saying it is a different form of electricity ( a frequency that is being produced ) Here is a link to a book about Over-unity Electricity and a green energy website.