Healthy Mind

If we only use 5% – 10% of our brain as they say, then we have tons of room for expanding and improvement.  Right?  But how and what do we do and will it help protect us from dementia and Alzheimer’s, two diseases that can devastate families.  You likely have had a family member or friend that has had one of these terrible diseases.  They start off with just simple forgetting things and can’t remember things that happened recently but over time get worse.  In the later stages the person doesn’t know family members and friend and their speech starts to go and communicating with them is a problem.  You want so badly to help them but there seems little you can do.

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Searching for something to help, drugs don’t seem to help much just slightly slowing the progress of the disease.  Some drugs seem to shut down the brain even more and quicker.  There are some studies out that show possible improvement though diet changes and especially if these are started in the very early stages of one of these diseases.  These diet changes are also expected to eliminate these conditions from ever happening if they are started earlier in life.  As science, medicine and the computers have advanced in the last few years, research and improvements of all kinds are extending our lives.  It seems we will soon be living well beyond age 100 and be healthier throughout all our life.  Many of the diseases and ailments that we all end up with today may be a thing of the past in just a few short years.  Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, hardening of the arteries and so much more.  It seems most of the conditions can be taken care of by our own bodies largely through diet changes and some supplements.  I believe we will be less dependent on pharmaceutical medicines in the future and the fast food restaurant of tomorrow will be a much healthier place to eat with a vastly different menu.

Other areas of brain health are through different types of mental exercise as well as physical exercises.  Studies have shown improvements in memory and other mental function through specific mental games and reading.  Also people who do physical exercise where the heart rate is increased did show improvement in mental function.  Depending on your present health, and activity level we (I am over 65) may be able to not just survive to 120-150 or more, but be productive, active, energetic and thoroughly enjoy all those years.  As Bob Dylan said ” The times they are A-changin “.