Healthy Body

To have a healthy functioning body way past our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will become normal in the very near future.  Just look at the advances in medicine and science in the last 50 years.  Now break that down in to the last 5 decades and with each 10 years we have advanced quicker and in some cases by multiple times.  Our knowledge of how our body works and how different body processes work has increased many fold over the last 50 years.  Through the many advancements in the computer and electronics, body parts can now be regrown.  At this time it is mostly in the experimental stages but add that and the nano medical field where you could have an injection of a very small object into your body to repair a specialize part of your body.  Wow.  Is that not like science fiction but these things are being proven today and will be common place in just a few years.  So if we can just get through the next few years our bodies can repair themselves with a little help from science and medicine.

Our bodies have a natural healing and repair system built into them.  When we get a cut the body knows how to repair that, the same with when we get a cold or infection the immune system goes after the infection.  This is something we have known for a very long time but we now know more about how they work and what goes wrong sometimes.  There is a lot of work on how your genes work and what they control and how your cells in your body are replaced and how often they are replaced.  This is part of growing new body parts in or out of the body.  There is a TED talk about the limb regrowth that is very exciting.  This may soon be able to help thousands of people in the United States and the EU.  These are exciting times with so much becoming possible in the near future.  Another area of advancement is learning how our bodies use the foods we eat at the cell level.  This will change the foods we eat and the way we prepare them.  Many of what we think of as normal diseases and ailments that everyone gets as they age will become a thing of the past.  Such things as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and so many more will literally vanish.  Diabetes right now effects as many as one third of the population in the US and the medications only keep it going at a slower pace, but with a little life style and diet change it may be eliminated.  That is HUGE, because now nearly one in three get it in their life time and have reduced functionality and reduced life expectancy plus the cost in health care as well.  There are links on the Things of Interest page including some of the methods just discussed and if you purchase through these links it helps support this website.