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Now if you have read the other sections of this website, you know that I expect for all of us to be living a much longer active and healthy life span than is currently expected.  This brings up several problems, for most people they will need more money because they will live longer.

How are we going to make more money without having a job that we no longer have?  Now most of us know that we can’t just sit back and watch tv, for one thing it is not good for us to just sit around.  We need to move around and be active everyday, that is just common sense.  But you may not be feeling like doing much, you feel tired and maybe it hurts when you move too much.  If you plan to live a few more years until science and medicine have worked out some more ways to keep us healthy and live to 120 or maybe past 150, then you will need to try to do some of the things that are now helping others to feel better and stronger.  Many of these pertain to diet, exercise and supplements (see links on Healthy Body page).

Now that you feel better and you plan to be around for several more years, you need ways to make more money so you can live a nice life style.  The good news is you are not going to go back to a job, but you will probably need to take some time to learn some of the ways to make money by using your computer.  Unless you are already making money this way there is going to be a little learning curve and you need to avoid all the scams out there.  The internet is a largely unregulated territory full of scam artist with more scams than you can believe.  That said, there are a lot of different ways to make money on the internet without having to be tided down to the computer several hours a day.  After all we are suppose to be retired and not be working all the time, that’s what retirement means.  It’s your time, do what you want.

One of the ways to make money online is to have a website and an online store and another is to be an affiliate marketer.  Also getting involved in a MLM type of a company where you get paid to promote (not necessarily sell),  many times through a website where you earn a commission if someone you sent to the website buys something.  Some of these can take up a lot of your free time but not always, some can be a very good way to earn that extra money you will need without being an endless sales person.  With anything you need to find the right fit and what you enjoy, REMEMBER you are retired.