Most retirement saving or investments are earning about 1% – 3% or less and that is not enough.  If you have money in money markets or CD accounts they are safe but you can do much better and still have a safe investment.  Real estate can be a very safe investment and can give you a higher return and a monthly income.  Just think of where the big investors are putting their money, they all have a portion invested in real estate (rental property).  Now you may be thinking, I don’t want to be a landlord and have to deal with tenants and repairs.  No, I agree that can be a big hassle and you don’t need or want that.  What you need is managed rental investment where you have a voice in what goes on, but nothing to do with the day to day problems.

Income property where you own the property and have someone manage that property is what I’m talking about.  The right property in the right area and neighborhood can be a very safe and profitable investment with a steady and increasing cash flow.  The right property can be single family homes, because they are more liquid.  They can either be sold as a rental or a owner occupied.  The region of the country and the specific location needs to be taken into account and of course the price.

The region of the country needs to be a stable and growing community with expected continued growth and stability.  The specific location should be stable where housing values are stable with good schools and be affordable for people to live there.  If you get into a newer additions the cost is higher and the rent will probably not be affordable to make a good return.  The property needs to be nice but not overly nice because that puts the price above where it can be rented for a good return.  Clean, safe, convenient, well taken care of and very livable, that represents a good rental property.

If you are interested in such property and have at least $80,000 to invest for a 5% plus return and a hassle free monthly income, where the property values and rent will increase annually.  I can help you earn more and still have a safe investment, I currently have 2 properties located in and around Lafayette, Indiana that I own and manage and would continue to manage for you that would give you at least a 5% return in cash plus tax advantages.  If this interests you at all, please send me an email to:  and we can discuss in detail.  The Lafayette area is stable with a diversified business base and Purdue University (part of the community) that is ever expanding with lots of opportunity and growth.

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