Globe or flat Earth?

You may have seen this subject brought up mostly on YouTube.  There are a ton of websites showing that they think we live on a FLAT PLANE not on a globe, and it appears from some of the videos that they have a valid argument.  Some of the things they show as proof the earth is not a globe is the level horizon and the proof that you can see for several miles across water which, you shouldn’t be able to because of the curvature of the earth on a globe.  Also they show that the sun in not 93 million miles away but maybe about 3100 miles and also the moon and the stars are much closer.  There also saying that the sun and the moon are about the same size and both are about the same distance up in the sky of about 3100 miles.

Some other things are, that we may live under a dome which may be covering over the plane on which we live and the fact that Antarctica is not really the so called south pole, but surrounds the plane we live on and kind of holds the oceans in.  They show a map that dates to 1892ish and say the UN flag shows the same map and the USGS uses the flat map. Admiral Byrd after exploring the north pole had several expeditions to Antarctica for the US Navy and there are interviews from a television program where he talks about the natural resources that Antarctica has.   Some of these videos bring up the subject of a 1959 Treaty of Antarctica, which has been signed by all of the world powers both large and small (about 44 counties).  This treaty prevents any country and the public from exploring or exploiting any natural resources basically for ever.  I know of no treaty where all countries of our world can agree on anything, and especially not if there is land that they can explore and exploit for themselves.  Just think of the oil companies wanting to find more oil.

Now if this were true  (and you need to take a look for yourself), think of all the things that we have known as truth that would change.  Most of what we have been told by NASA would not be true and what about all those satellites that are orbiting the earth in a geosynchronous orbit.  How about that the earth is spinning at over 1000 mph (at the equator) and that we are traveling around the sun and the moon is about 240,000 miles away.  They show in some videos how land based radar and communications could account for the GPS, and some of those systems were used by the military as early as the 1940’s.  I first noticed this subject on YouTube about March or April of 2015 and it has grown from just a few videos to maybe hundreds now.  Even though we joke about the Flat Earth society what if it were true and the sun and the stars travel around the Earth, not the other way around.

To check it out go to:   or  and search Flat Earth.


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