Exploring Health and Finances!

This site is for baby boomers or anyone who wants to learn about what a baby boomer is.  Ha!  Primarily to help all of us live a longer, healthier and happier life with fewer problems as far as health and finances go.  We all can use some help in these areas of our lives.  I believe in the next few years the life span of the human race will be extended by not just a few years but by literally multiples of 2 times and beyond.  We are living in a time where science and the computer age are making advances so quickly that it is hard to keep up with the changes.  I believe many of us (baby boomers) who are alive today will see the middle of the 22nd century and possibly much beyond and our children may live to be 500 or more.  Now many of you may think that is just crazy, but in the last 10 or so years the advances in medical science have happened so quickly and other technology has also advanced very quickly that things are changing by leaps and bounds.  The advances in the computer technology has lead most of this change and that field is advancing in multiples every year or so.

Medical advances is not just through the large drug companies.  Alternatives to drugs are helping thousands ( if not millions) of people every day.  Now I am not against the large drug companies who make many of our lives better, but there are many areas where the profit of the corporation and the need to satisfy the stockholders is put in front of what might be best for the patient.  We can learn from ancient cultures and through science what has worked for hundreds of years and how to take that knowledge and use it in modern culture today.  This is an area that this website will explore and report on, and this should be a place for others to report their experiences with some of these alternative methods.

The financial part of retirement is also an area we will explore together,  if the population is going to live an active and healthy live to 150 and well beyond then we all are going to need the money to last.  We will explore ways to have a perpetual type income and what that can mean to the average baby boomer and how this can benefit the entire population.  I want to put a notice to all that there will be some links on this site that will help pay for the site, but I promise these are products or services that I have either found to be helpful or believe to be helpful.




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