Live To Be 500?

Some people who are alive today may very well live to be over 500 years of age.  Yes that is a bold statement but I believe this will happen and that could be a minimal age not a maximum age.  As I see it technology is changing so rapidly that by the time I reach 150 (which I expect to) most every health problem will have a cure or a solution.  Parts that wear out can be regrown specifically for each person.  Then if we can get over the urge to be the ruler of the world and the need for wars and then all the earth can live in peace.  The problems that are talked about with over population and food and water shortages can all be solved without eliminating any segment of any population.  You may be part of the solution to some of the future problems of our peaceful planet earth.  Challenges are what makes the our world work and the need to solve challenges is a big part of life and living!

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